OUr story

Our idea of having an excursion where we could show our passion for making people happy and then write great memories about it, was our main focus. Costa Maya has been our favorite beach town for many years now, and as simple and rustic as it has remained over the years we finally ventured to do whatever it took to make it happened. Having a friendly guide who also enjoys your company is key to a great adventure together as a family, couple, or group of friends. This project was meant for people who appreciate being on smaller groups with a more personalized service. We also like to have fun and live the adventure everyday!

Our Mission

Costa Maya Adventours had its origin in a university project in 2004, and 15 years later, we still reference our marketing professor's hilarious quotes. The idea of creating a product where the visitor falls in love with Mexican culture was something that inspired these two friends to become partners and adventure guides in the Costa Maya. The desire to start a company with the foundations and expertise acquired after years in the tourism and business sector were the basis to create what is Costa Maya Adventours today. We are committed to offering new experiences with the best attitude and good treatment for those who want an unforgettable vacation. For us, it will be the best reward to always be remembered with a big smile.