We all want to experience the best restaurants and little local’s secret places when we visit  a new place.Before you travel make sure you have done your research and asked enough people about that specific place, and what it has to offer. We all like to eat, at least I do… whenever I travel, I want to make sure I’ve tried all local flavours, drinks, specialties, etc. I want to have the real local taste and then great stories for my friends back home. And don’t forget about the Instagram posts!

Whenever you come to aMexican beach what is the first thing that comes to your mind? Margaritas, tequila and cerveza right? But what about food? Did you know that authentic Mexican cuisine is rich in healthy ingredients such as avocados, beans, limes, tomatoes and savory meats. In fact, Mexican food has earned recognition by the UNESCO as an intangible cultural heritage contribution to humanity.

What if you could tell your friends you’ve tried the best food ever? I’m sure you’ve eaten great food in many different countries you’ve been at, but how about adding more experience to your traveling resume? If you ever visit  Costa Maya here are some of the dishes you MUST TRY

  1. Cochinita Pibil: It is roasted pork meat cooked underground in traditional covered BBQ’s with Achiote and sour orange juice
  2. Ceviche: typically made from fresh fish cured in citrus juices (lemon or lime), spiced with pepper, salt, chopped onions, chopped tomatoes and some additional seasonings.
  3. Sikil pak: It is a Mayan pumpkin seed dip, also a delicious alternative to guacamole or hummus.
  4. 7-colour Lobster: This is a special recipe, which secret hasn’t been released yet. We will tell you where to eat it and it is truly one of the best food experiences I’ve had in my entire live. It is a MUST DO.
  5. Relleno Negro: It is a dish based on turkey, pork and mixed chili peppers.
  6. Rice and Beans: Cooked with coconut milk and Caribbean red beans, give the tropical taste of this simple but delicious dish. It is personally better when adding fried plantain… JUST DELICIOUS
  7. Frijol con Puerco: It is literally black beans with pork, which better goes with a traditional sauce from Yucatan, which of course includes habanero chili.
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