It was the first time for the guests to catch bonefish; a young couple from USA but I could tell they knew what they were doing. They usually spend some of their weekends back home fishing, but only using spin rods. He got really good at fly fishing and but she preferred the spin rod, although she caught about 5 bonefish, she knew was she was doing as well. 

We had to move to a different location, to an old channel where you could clearly see everything under the boat. They kept trying but he had very little luck this time, except for him who caught a jack, he was very happy about it too. Some other fish bit the fly but were able to get away, which is all part of fly fishing. The weather was great and the water temperature just perfect. We got off the boat for a while to wade a little bit and see if we could catch something else but no luck, while she stayed for a while to walk and enjoy the water. 

We went back after 4 hours and the ride home was amazing and very relaxing.  Then we made our way back to the pier with excited talk about our fishing adventures. We hope to see them back in Costa Maya soon!

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