If you are taking a cruise ship to Costa Maya Pier, you are probably thinking about spending less of your hard-earned vacation money to better enjoy your time on land. And it’s understandable due to the high rates charged onboard, and we want to help you save a few dollars and enjoy our corner of the Caribbean!


Like in any other service, there are advantages and disadvantages when buying online. Please be aware of this TO DO list before making your purchase.



1.      Compare at least 3 different tour operators: Think of your day off-ship as a small luxury purchase, especially when booking for your whole family! To ensure you invest your limited time in Costa Maya, try to compare the different shore excursions available, but not based solely on price. Check which archaeological sites they visit, which beach they stop at for “beach break” and where the snorkel tours go. Not all tours are created equal, and we have dedicated ourselves to finding the best locations for each of the above tours!


2.      Read the reviews: Always look for NEGATIVE reviews so you can have an idea of what people are complaining about. Also remember that VERY FEW OR NO REVIEWS aren’t precisely a bad thing. Most of the time, people will want to make public a bad experience, which won’t necessarily happen if the experience was positive.


3.      Web design: The professionalism of the online experience reflects on the in-person experience. If the operator put a lot of work and thought into explaining the tours and using good quality photographs of the experience, then it may be worth considering it that tour operator. We know, because our first website was so much work! But we doubled our efforts and put as much work into displaying our favorite areas to be as inviting as possible when in the Costa Maya!


4.      Ask if transportation is included: Some budget tour operators require you to meet at their office downtown to begin the tour. They may offer a lower initial price, but the hassle and cost of taxis can add a significant amount to your day! We make sure all our tours have the round-trip transportation already factored into our quoted price.


5.       Inquire about group size: Some operators combine multiple groups in order to save on costs. You might end up on a huge bus, crammed in like sardines! We prefer small groups and are better able to personalize the experience


Now you know what to do if you’re planning your next adventure in the Costa Maya.  Good Luck and we look forward to meeting you!

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