Whether you travel by car or by sea, once you get to Costa Maya you will want to bring home the best picture with you. Here are 5 things we recommend you try when travelling to this hidden treasure in the Mexican Caribbean.

1. THE LIGHTHOUSE – it was built in 2006 and it’s 22mts (72ft) tall. It marks the beginning of the boardwalk (malecón) where you will see numerous small local shops, bars & restaurants.You won’t be able to get inside the lighthouse, but you can capture a great shot with the Costa Maya Port In the background.

2.MAHAHUAL SIGN – Costa Maya is known locally as Mahahual, and this colorful sign is intentionally there for a great photo opportunity. It is located right next to the lighthouse. Remember to tell your friends how beautiful the Mexican Caribbean is, by sharing your selfie on your favourite app.

3.SNORKELLING – Witness the second longest reef in the world and be amazed by the great variety of fish all around the spectacular colorful corals. You don’t have to be an expert, but be aware of not to touch any coral since it takes thousands of years to recover, and some have stinging needles! Only within a few meters from the shore is where all the show begins. There are many other options where you can hire tours to take you on deeper waters, but it will be an experience you will never forget.

 – If you are into animals and plants, Costa Maya offers a wide variety of plants that can only be seeing on this part of the hemisphere.But what about animals? What can you see as soon as you get there? … Iguanas, coatis, lizards, crocodiles,frigates, pelicans, turtles, and five different species of palm tree. Consider that for certain animals, you would need to go deep into the jungle but, let’s focus on the ones that don’t represent any damage so you have a safe trip.

5.CEVICHE – part of the Caribbean cuisine, ceviche is typically made from raw fish cured in citrus juices (lemon or lime), spiced with pepper, salt, chopped onions, chopped tomatoes and some additional seasonings.  In Costa Maya we usually add habanero pepper (on a separate dish) but be prepared with a cold drink, since your mouth may burn a little bit… and we don’t want to see you running into the ocean asking to drink all the water!

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